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The Rise of New University Presses and Academic-Led Presses in the UK

blog post by Janneke Adema (University of Coventry), Graham Stone (Jisc) and Chris Keene (Jisc) Our new report: Changing publishing ecologies: A landscape study of new university presses and academic-led publishing maps the rise of new university presses and academic-led presses in the UK The landscape of academic publishing has seen a discernible increase in new publishing … Read more

Making your digital collections easier to discover. Booking is now open for our two workshops on 15 and 22 November

Karen Colbron, Digital Content Manger writes: Jisc is offering two one-day workshops to help you increase the reach of your digital collections, optimise them for discovery and evaluate their impact. ‘Exploiting digital collections in learning, teaching and research’ will be held on Tuesday 15 November. ‘Making google work for your digital collections’ will be held … Read more


Hello, My name is Masha Garibyan. I am providing maternity leave cover for Verena Weigert.  I will support Chris Keen, head of library and scholarly futures, and my work will focus on medium and long-term trends and initiatives to help UK libraries and universities remain at the forefront of digital innovation in learning, teaching and research. I will … Read more

Open Citations Experiment

The recent Metric Tide report proposed the notion of responsible metrics as a way of framing appropriate uses of quantitative indicators in the governance, management and assessment of research. One of the crucial dimensions of responsible metrics are transparent measurement systems. Data collection and analytical processes should be kept open and transparent (including university rankings), … Read more


Welcome to library & scholarly futures. As I write I, Chris Keene, have been in my new role at Jisc for exactly one month. We are based in the Digital Futures division of Jisc – think R&D – looking at medium/long term developments in the Library and scholarly spaces and how we can support them. … Read more